Obtaining the latest code

The latest code revision of G+Smo can be obtained from GitHub.

The latest revision is available as a zip file:

Compilation status:

A better way to obtain the latest revision from GitHub and additionally have the convinience to receive updates of the code is to use Git or SVN. On linux/MacOSX, you may checkout the latest revision using

  • Subversion:
    svn co gismo
  • Git:
    git clone
  • Anonymous Subversion:

If you don't have at GitHub account (which is for free to make), you can also use an anonymous SVN repository

svn co gismo

you will be asked for username and password, use

Username: anonsvn
Password: anonsvn
  • Bazaar:

The Bazaar mirror can be cloned using:

bzr branch lp:g+smo

On Windows: If you use subversion you may use the TortoiseSVN client to check out the repository, using the same URL as above. It is recommended that during installation you choose to have the svn.exe available in your PATH environmental variable. For git you can use github or any other client.

If you are interested in a specific version of the library you can download zip files of specific releases that follow.

After downloading the sources you can continue in the Compiling section.


G+Smo 0.8.1 Alpha (August 2015)

This maintenance release includes many fixes and performance updates, as well as some restructuring of the class hierarchy.

G+Smo 0.8 Alpha (December 2014)

This is the first Alpha release of G+Smo. It includes the modules for NURBS, THB-splines, and several others.

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