Obtaining the latest code

The latest code revision of G+Smo can be obtained from GitHub.

The latest revision is available as a zip file:

Compilation status:

A better way to obtain the latest revision from GitHub and additionally have the convinience to receive updates of the code is to use Git or SVN. On linux/MacOSX, you may checkout the latest revision using

  • Subversion:
    svn co gismo
  • Git:
    git clone

On Windows: If you use subversion you may use the TortoiseSVN client to check out the repository, using the same URL as above. It is recommended that during installation you choose to have the svn.exe available in your PATH environmental variable. For git you can use github or any other client.

If you are interested in a specific version of the library you can download zip files of specific releases that follow.

After downloading the sources you can continue in the Compiling section.

Docker images

Docker images of G+Smo can be obtained from To install docker for your platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud platforms, etc.) follow the instructions at

Once you have Docker installed, you can run a G+Smo docker image by executing the following command:

docker run --rm -ti mmoelle1/gismo:latest-gcc-release

This will download the docker image gismo:latest-gcc-release from and start the container. You will be logged in under username gismo with standard password gismo. The --rm flag to the docker run command ensures that the container is removed upon termination. The directory $HOME/gismo/build/bin is added to the PATH variable so that example and tutorial applications can be run directly, e.g.:

docker run --rm -ti mmoelle1/gismo:latest-gcc-release geometry_example

If you want to access data that is stored in a directory on your host computer from within your Docker container you need to mount (-v) the directory on your host computer when starting the Docker container. Assume that you want to make your current working directory on your host computer ($(pwd)) accessible under /home/gismo/shared in the docker container you need start the docker image as follows:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/home/gismo/shared mmoelle1/gismo:latest-gcc-release

It is also possible to mount a directory on your host computer to a directory of the Docker container and make it the working (-w) so that files generated inside the Docker container are accessible on your host computer:

docker run --rm -ti -w/home/gismo/shared -v $(pwd):/home/gismo/shared mmoelle1/gismo:latest-gcc-release

The following docker images are built nightly:

  • latest-gcc-trilinos-release built with GCC 7.x in Release mode with OpenMP enabled and Trilinos support
  • latest-gcc-release built with GCC 7.x in Release mode with OpenMP enabled
  • latest-gcc-debug built with GCC 7.x in Debug mode with OpenMP enabled
  • latest-clang-release built with Clang 5.0 in Release mode
  • latest-clang-debug built with Clang 5.0 in Debug mode



G+Smo 0.8.1 Alpha (August 2015)

This maintenance release includes many fixes and performance updates, as well as some restructuring of the class hierarchy.

G+Smo 0.8 Alpha (December 2014)

This is the first Alpha release of G+Smo. It includes the modules for NURBS, THB-splines, and several others.

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