About G+Smo

Geometry + Simulation Modules (in short, gismo) is a software framework which aims at providing a unified development framework for isogeometric analysis, developed mainly in Linz, Austria.

The development of the G+Smo library was initiated by during the summer of 2012, along with the kick-off meeting of the homonym Austrian National Research Network "Geometry + Simulation". The initial design and implementation of the library was envisaged by the library Coordinator.

G+Smo is an object-oriented, templated C++ library, that implements a generic concept for IgA, based on abstract classes for geometry map, discretization basis, assemblers, solvers etc. It makes use of object polymorphism and inheritance techniques in order to support a variety of different discretization bases, namely B-spline, Bernstein, NURBS bases, hierarchical and truncated hierarchical B-spline bases of arbitrary polynomial order.

The main features of G+Smo include:

  • Dimension independent code through template meta-programming.
  • Tensor-product B-spline bases of arbitrary dimension and polynomial degree.
  • Hierarchical and truncated hierarchical B-splines of arbitrary dimension and polynomial degree.


The design and software development philosophy of G+Smo was triggered by the observation that simply augmenting existing libraries for geometric design or numerical analysis will not succeed, since the implementation of isogeometric methods requires a fundamentally new approach to unlock the full set of benefits of the isogeometric paradigm.

The goal of G+Smo is to realize the seamless integration of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer-aided design (CAD) with open-source code from and to the isogeometric analysis community.

Three general guidelines have been set for the development process. Firstly, we promote both efficiency and ease of use; secondly, we ensure code quality and cross-platform compatibility and, thirdly, we always explore new strategies better suited for isogeometric analysis before adopting FEA practices.


G+Smo is jointly developed by several contributors at the Johannes Kepler University, and at the RICAM Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Moreover, contributions have been made by developers from third-party institutions.

  • Coordinator and maintainer: Angelos Mantzaflaris


The library is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

The MPL is a simple copyleft license. The MPL's "file-level" copyleft is designed to encourage contributors to share their modifications with the library, while still allowing them to combine the library with code under other licenses (open or proprietary) with minimal restrictions.

See Frequently Asked Questions regarding MPL2.


The project is supported primarily by the Austrian National Research Network Geometry + Simulation.

It has received contributions from the EXAMPLE and MOTOR projects, funded by the European Union.

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